About Us

Welcome to Rosemary+Lavender where natural beauty meets the essence of simplicity.

I’m Elle! Mother of five, military wife, and serial entrepreneur. Since the tender age of five, I have always wanted to teach. I love the idea of giving and helping others. I believe it’s the best kept secret to true happiness! The R+L brand is my platform to educate. The idea of educating others on how to use God’s beautiful handiwork in nature for their daily benefit excites me.

As a homeschool mom and traveling military wife, I was overwhelmed with the idea of packing for travel. Each child required something different. Whether it was skin or hair products it was a daunting task. I needed an all-in-one solution. I yearned for a bodycare solution that mirrored my philosophy: less is more.

I had to create a solution. A product w/all natural ingredients that could be used from head to toe. I embarked upon a journey towards a simpler, more effective approach to skincare.

I delved into extensive research and my mission became pretty clear—to create a skincare solution that would simplify the lives of busy individuals, source quality all-natural ingredients, while delivering unparalleled results.

After meticulous exploration and testing, I crafted a unique formula. Born from the power of nature to alleviate the need for an array of products and streamlining bodycare routines for countless individuals.

At Rosemary+Lavender, we believe in a minimalistic mindset. My creations embody this belief! Join us on this journey of rediscovering the beauty in simplicity.
Experience the transformative power of nature with Rosemary+Lavender—where beauty meets simplicity.